The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation was established on 11 November 2015 by Renato Giudici, Rosa Pala and Monica, Manuela and Massimo, respectively the brother, wife and children of the sculptor Gianluigi Giudici (1927-2012), with the purpose in particular of the conservation and the promotion of, and for spreading awareness of, the works of this sculptor from Como. The foundation also encourages cultural and educational events and initiatives so that art in all its forms can be a tool for encouraging the expression of the deepest human feelings, for engaging more and more artists and spectators, and as a conduit for the coming together of different cultures through the universal language of art.

The headquarters of the Foundation, very close to the LAC, Lugano’s new cultural centre, welcomes the GYPSOTHEQUE GIUDICI, providing suitable spaces for the events.

The foundation's mission is to be a true cultural centre by hosting exhibitions, conferences and book presentations.

Through the establishment of the Foundation, Renato Giudici realised his great desire to keep the collection of his brother’s work together over time, while promoting awareness of the body of his work by bringing it to an ever broader public.

The artist’s children Monica, Max and Manuela and his wife Rosa work enthusiastically and actively together in pursuit of the aims of the project.

The structure of the Foundation

Renato e Gianluigi Giudici

Chairman: Renato Giudici
Board members: Heidy Koch – Massimo Giudici


Document archive

Rosa Pala
Monica Giudici
Manuela Giudici
Rosangela Cuffaro